Aiax-Dnipro TPP on sunflower husk in Dnipro city


Type of the project: Aiax-Dnipro TPP, the largest thermal power plant on biomass (sunflower husk) in Ukraine of 16 MWel capacity started its operation in Dnipro city in summer 2020. The project was implemented during two years.

Aiax-Dnipro TPP is located near the Potoky oil extraction plant in Dnipro. The TPP has two steam boilers (35 t/h each with the steam parameters: P = 40 kg/cm2 and t = 440°С) manufactured by KBCE “Kotloenergoproekt”, as well as the SST-300 Siemens steam condensing turbogenerator of 16 MWel.

The power plant uses sunflower husk and sunflower husk pellets as the main fuel. However, steam boilers can run on different types of biomass: in addition to husk and sunflower husk pellets, they can use wood chips and waste from the cultivation, transportation and processing of sunflower.

To date, after the end of the regime adjustment, the following environmental performance of the boilers has been achieved: NOx – 100 ppm; CO – 0 ppm. The efficiency of the boilers is 90%, and the load control range is 30% to 110%.

Cleaning of heating surfaces from ash deposits is done during operation of a boiler in the automatic mode by regular blowing devices and does not demand stop of the boiler unit. Cleaning of flue gases from dust to the level of 20 mg/m3 is done in two (one on each steam boiler) electrostatic precipitators of production of LLC Energomashekologia, Zaporizhia.

According to the achieved technical and ecological indicators, the steam boilers E-35-40-440D of the company KBCE “Kotloenergoproekt” significantly outgo all the foreign and domestic analogues.