What are the benefits for the project participants in the construction of biogas station?


The construction and exploitation of a biogas plant affect the lives and activities of both farmers, businesses, and authorities. Is it a positive or negative impact, commented Sergij Shpak, Director of Ecodevelop:

“Everyone gets benefits! It is a benefit for farmers, business, local communities and local authorities”.

Benefits for farmers:

– 24/7 energy self-sufficiency business diversification and additional profit
– reduction of production costs due to savings on energy carriers
– increased product competitiveness
– status and certification of organic and eco-products for export to EU countries
– increased yields by 30% due to organic fertilizers, which are produced after recycling

Business benefits:

– investment projects with a payback period of 3-6 years
– environmental investment and social responsibility
– a dynamic business in the renewable energy sector
– guaranteed export of agro-waste products to Europe


Benefits for local authorities:

– integrated development of the region due to the attraction of “green” investments
– the possibility of using biomethane as a fuel for public transport (13 million cars in the world are fueled by biogas)
– the possibility of creating an energy cooperative


Benefits for local communities:

– creating business entities
– filling the local budget with taxes
– developing a rural community
– solving environmental issues (clean ground, water, air)
– possibility of creating an independent heating system

For reference:

Ecodevelop’s first pilot biogas plant pilot project was implemented 2 years ago. In 2019, the company acted as a customer of the biogas plant project in the Bziv village, Kyiv region.

Today, the company is engaged in designing several bioenergy facilities with a capacity of 1.5 MW each for one of the leaders of the agro-industrial complex of Ukraine – Gals Agro.

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