Biogas projects in Ukraine in 2017-2018. Infographics

Biogas projects in Ukraine are developing rapidly. As of the beginning of 2019, there were only 18 projects, 12 of which were authorized to use the “green” tariff (as of 01.01.2019). The total installed capacity of the projects at the end of 2018 amounted to 27.3 MW of electricity (the capacity of individual projects ranges from 0.125 to 5.7 MW). In the near future, at least doubling of electricity capacities from biogas complexes is expected.

Implemented biogas projects in the agro-sector are oriented mainly on electricity production and selling it at a “green” tariff. In 2017, the total annual production of electricity by such biogas complexes was 53 GWh. In 2018, this figure has more than doubled, reaching 113 GWh. There are just a few biogas complexes with heat utilization in cogeneration units (eg, biogas complex PJSC “Oril-Leader”).

Until recently, the Globyno bioenergy complex of Astarta-Kyiv company was the most powerful in Ukraine in terms of biogas production. Its design capacity is 150 thousand m3 of biogas per day. This biogas complex is focused on the production of heat that is utilized for the industry needs of the Globyno sugar plant and the Globyno soybean plant.

Such companies as Mironivsky Hliboproduct, Teofipolska Energy Company and Goodvalley have received valuable experience in the construction and operation of existing bioenergy complexes and are planning construction of new biogas complexes (MHP – 20 MW in Vinnytsia region, Teofipolska Energy Company – 15 MW in the Khmelnytsk region, Goodvalley – 1 MW in Ivano-Frankivsk region).