Analysis of barriers to the production of energy from agribiomass in Ukraine


Analysis of possibilities for the production and use of agribiomass briquettes in Ukraine, Geletukha G.G., Zheliezna T.A., Drahniev S.V. – Position Paper No. 20 of Bioenergy Association of Ukraine.

Position Paper No. 20 by the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine includes analysis of
opportunities for increasing the volumes of production and use of biomass fuel briquettes for the needs of population. Characteristics of different types of briquetting equipment are presented, requirements for feedstock are considered, techno-economic and legislative aspects of briquettes production are analysed. Some successful examples of the introduction of biomass briquetting lines in different regions of Ukraine are described. Feasibility study of several typical variants of the production and consumption of briquettes from agribiomass has been developed.

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