Knowledge Management Programme for bioenergy sector in Ukraine: how education sector and business can join the future changes


On April 5, the official presentation of the project “Ukraine Sustainable Bioenergy Value Chain Innovation – Knowledge Management Programme” was held. It is implemented by the Scientific Engineering Centre “Biomass” Ltd. with the financial support of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

The objective of the project is to improve access of Ukrainian bioenergy sector companies, Universities to modern knowledge, practical expertise and innovations through the introduction of a high-quality Knowledge Management Programme (KMP) that will enhance the efficiency, competitiveness and sustainability of the bioenergy sector.

We also provide a video of the event (available in Ukrainian).

Within the project, which will last 18 months, the creation of a comprehensive knowledge management programme in the field of bioenergy is foreseen, starting from the stage of training young specialists to upgrade the qualifications of experienced managers.

The event brought together managers of bioenergy businesses, technicians building and operating bioenergy installations in Ukraine, as well as academic professors teaching bioenergy and students studying Renewable Energy Sources (RES) and bioenergy in particular.

Project manager Alina Bilan had the opening speech on behalf of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and informed the audience about the mission of the project, the tasks and challenges facing the education of the bioenergy sphere under current conditions.

The head of the project, Georgii Geletukha representing the SEC “Biomass”, spoke about the main stages of the project, outlined the role and place of higher education institutions and the business community in the Programme, as well as the direct benefits for each of the involved parties.

In his speech, Georgii Geletukha talked about the importance and prospects of the bioenergy sector in Ukraine and the importance of improving the quality of bioenergy specialists’ training and expanding production capacities. The Knowledge Management Programme is an applied tool that will help theorists and practitioners to build a clear interaction in the future.

Download the Programme presentation (in Ukrainian)

At the first stage of project implementation, the creation of a Working Group is foreseen, the purpose of which is to study and generalize business needs and compare them with the capabilities of educational institutions. The project envisages updating the curricula of higher education institutions in accordance with advanced international practices, as well as carrying out activities to improve the qualifications of both academic staff of higher education institutions and engineers/technicians involved in the construction and operation of bioenergy plants, as well as managers and administrators of bioenergy enterprises.

It is worth noting that both Ukrainian and international experts with extensive practical experience are involved in the project team.

All participants of the Programme will have the opportunity to listen to a course of professional lectures and learn about best practices and experiences. They will receive consulting assistance on updating training programmes and improving production processes or qualifications.

Finally, a productive discussion took place, during which participants could get answers to questions from the project team.

If you are interested in the project and want to join the Programme, contact the project coordinator Tetiana Zheliezna: