Opportunities for harvesting by-products of grain corn for energy production in Ukraine


Corn is the most productive crop, and the highest gross harvest of grain corn in Europe is received in Ukraine more than once. Corn is widely used as a feedstock for food, pharmaceutical, chemical and other branches of industry, and also as a high-energy feed, that is suitable for feeding all kinds of animals and birds. Besides, corn is a feedstock for production of 1st and 2nd generation biofuels, as well as biogas.

Experts of Bioenergy Association of Ukraine have studied the issues related to the current state of the grain corn production, features of its cultivation and the possibilities of using by-products for energetic use. Corn is the most productive grain culture, by volume of biomass formation. In Ukraine currently only part of it – grain – is sold as commodity products, while plant residues are remained on the field.

Position Paper N16 containes information about fuel characteristics of by-products of grain corn and properties of its ash is shown. The technologies and equipment for by-products of grain corn harvesting are reviewed. Particular attention is given to the best practices of the USA. The estimation of costs of by-products of grain corn harvesting is offered. The prospects for its energetic use in Ukraine is estimated.