Teofipol biogas plant


Type of the project: The biogas plant with teh total capacity of 15.6 MWel. First unit of the plant of 5.1 MWel was put into operation in 2017; second unit of 10.5 MWel started its operation in 2018. Yield of biogas at the second unit is twice as much as that at the first unit.

The biogas plant is located on the territory of PJSC “Teofipol sugar factory” (Teofipol urban village, Khmelnytskyi region).

Feedstock for the biogas production is by-products from sugar factories and livestock enterprises: sugar beet pulp and manure, respectively, as well as silage. The biogas plant is fully provided with raw materials and operates smoothly using the unique technology of high-load reactors.

About 90% of the generated electricity is sold to the power grid by the “green” tariff; the rest is used for own needs of the enterprise. The produced heat is used for the heating of the greenhouses, administrative buildings and hostels. Digestate, a by-product of the biogas plant operation, has high content of nutrients (N, P, K) and trace elements.

Total investment in the project is 40 million EUR. The biogas plant was built with the involvement of EBRD credit and using own funds of LLC “Teofipol Energy Company”. The Company is a part of the group of companies “Ukraine 2001” engaged in growing grain and industrial crops, breeding pigs and cattle, sugar beet processing and sugar production.

Introduction of the biogas plant has had a general positive impact on the socio-economic development of the region. Currently, 47 people are working at the biogas plant. In addition to the direct new jobs, some new jobs in related industries (indirect new jobs) have also been created.

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