Yuzefo-Mykolaiv biogas plant


Type of the project: Biogas plant of 3 MWel installed capacity on sugar beet pulp was started in Mykhailyn village (Vinnytsia region) in 2019. It is the first line of a biogas complex implemented by Ukrainian Technological Group Company.

Some key facts about the biogas complex:

  • Yuzefo-Mykolaiv Biogas Company is the only biogas company that received a 10% surcharge to the “green” tariff for the use of more than 50% of Ukrainian equipment, the share of which in the project is 65%.
  • The main raw material for biogas production is pulp, a by-product of sugar production at the Yuzefo-Mykolaiv Sugar Plant. In addition, agricultural by-products can be used as an alternative.
  • A conveyor feeds the pressed pulp from the sugar factory; in the off-season, the pulp is stored in storages.
  • Biogas is used to generate electricity and heat that is used to support the fermentation process.
  • The project created 50 highly skilled new jobs in the rural area.
  • The Ukrainian Technology Company is planning to build another reactor, increase the electric capacity to 5 MW, and launch ethanol production.

Yuzefo-Mykolaiv biogas plant is a good example not only of the production of electricity, but also of the integration of modern electricity production directly into the structure of agricultural enterprises in the region. This solves the issue of deeper processing of raw materials originated from agriculture. In addition, the emergence of such enterprises directly in rural areas is an opportunity to develop the social infrastructure of the region and industry.