Energy crops production costs

Energy crops need a very high investment in establishment of energy plantation. This stage includes site preparation, planting of energy crops and growing. First commercial harvesting of biomass could be in 2 years for miscanthus or 3 years for SRC willow after initial year. It should be noted that the highest yield of biomass will be in 3rd year for miscanthus and 6th year for willow. Requirements for plantation site, type of planting material, operating time and number of biomass harvestings depends of energy crop.

Input data for feasibility study of growing poplar, willow and miscanthus in Ukraine

The results of techno-economic assessment of energy crops production are presented in Table below. The simple payback period for energy crops production projects, without state support, is more than 8 years.

Feasibility study of growing energy crops in Ukraine with/without subsidy per hectare