Biogas. Bioenergy Europe Statistical Report 2019

Bioenergy Europe, in collaboration with the European Biogas Association (EBA), is pleased to announce the release of the fourth chapter of its 2019 Statistical Report, focusing on biogas. The report provides readers with accurate, up-to-date data on the the current state of play of biogas consumption and production and much more.


The gross inland energy consumption of biogas has increased tremendously since 1990 and has been multiplied by a factor of 25. Over time this upward trend has demonstrated the strength and resilience that lies within the national biogas market. This increase was supported by the fast development of advanced technologies, resulting in higher plant efficiency, cheaper digesters as well as the cheaper upgrading units used for the conversion of raw biogas to
biomethane of a natural gas grade.
However, In 2017 figures showed that biogas represented only 1% of the total gross inland energy consumption within the EU28 Member States with 12% of the bioenergy used across the EU being that of biogas. These statistics highlight that the overall use of biogas equated to around 4% in comparison to that of natural gas consumption. In light of this, it is clear that there is still the possibility for a large increase of biogas usage and a real need to promote this bioenergy as one of the reliable solutions for a low-carbon energy transition.