Zoning of potential sites for construction of biomethane plants in Ukraine – an interactive map


If you are interested in biomethane production, are the owner of an agribusiness, are engaged in investment projects, or are looking for financing for the implementation of biomethane projects, this information will be very useful to you.

This online tool was created within the project “Biomethane zoning and assessment of the possibility and conditions for connecting of biomethane producers to the gas transmission and distribution systems of Ukraine”, funded by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

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Зонування потенційних місць будівництва біометанових заводів в Україні

What is shown on the map?

  • More than 300 priority areas for the construction of biomethane plants;
  • The geographical configuration of zones based on the structure of gas networks in the area (distribution, backbone, and backbone branches);
  • Potential for connecting biomethane (BM) plants to distribution networks (0.05-12 bar): 2.4 billion m3 / year;
  • Potential of connecting BM plants to branches of backbone networks (30-50 bar): 7.2 billion m3 / year;
  • Volumes of gas consumption for different zones: from the largest (800 million m3 / year) to the smallest (2 million m3 / year);
  • This indicator is the basis for calculating the scale of the biomethane complex;
  • Areas of developed gas infrastructure – gas distribution stations (GDS), gas control points (GСP), gas fields, underground gas storage facilities, gas processing complexes – as potential connection points;
  • Raw material generation points by types of agricultural enterprises (poultry farms, cattle livestock complexes, pig farms, sugar factories, etc.) depend on the area, determined by the potential for biomethane production for each point;
  • The total potential of raw material generation points is 9.2 billion m3 / year.

How to work with the map?

If you are an investor interested in building a BM plant:

  1. Choose the scale of the BM plant, for example, 20 million m3 / year.
  2. Search on the map a zone with gas consumption over 20 million m3 / year, separated by color.
  3. Find suitable areas.
  4. Click on the selected zones to find out the details: gas distribution points, gas distribution stations, connection points, basic consumption,  enterprises connected to networks, etc.;
  5. Find raw material generation points near or within zones;
  6. Click on raw material generation points to find out details: type of enterprises, biomethane production potential, types of available raw materials.
  7. As a result, you will see the potential of biomethane.  If the gas consumption in the zone is equal to or bigger than the potential, this zone is suitable for the selected BM plant.

If you are the owner of an agricultural enterprise:

  1. Make sure your farm is in one of the gas consumption zones. If the gas consumption in the zone is equal to or bigger than the potential, this zone is suitable for the selected BM plant.
  2. Contact the local representation of the regional gas company to determine the connection point, technical conditions, and cost of work;
  3. Congratulations! You can build a BM plant.

We remind you that biomethane projects are a priority in EBRD financing. You can cover part of the capital costs by financing the Bank.