Project-award “ECO Transformation-2019”, December 16, Kyiv, Ukraine

Date December 16, 2019
Organizer Journal "Ecology of the enterprise"
Place Kyiv

What is it?
This is an ecological project about achievements, changes, and results!
After the adoption of the draft law “On Strategic Environmental Assessment”, according to which, in the course of developing future state, local or sectoral programs, probable negative consequences for the environment and human health will be taken into account, ECOtransformation-2019 is especially relevant.

The purpose of the project is to search ecologically responsible enterprises and organizations, to promote information and public support to participating companies, and to implement a large-scale PR year-long campaign.


  • managers of enterprises introducing “green” technologies and progressive strategies, taking into account compliance with the legislative norms of
  • environmental protection, rational use of resources;
  • managers of enterprises that produce environmentally friendly and safe products;
  • managers of enterprises using environmentally friendly energy sources;
  • cities and community leaders who actively promote green modernization of production in the regions;
  • leaders of innovative energy efficiency and energy saving programs;
  • leaders of eco-innovations and eco-projects.

Who is a member of the competition committee?
The competition commission is formed with the participation of representatives of the ECO Transformation project, the Enterprise Ecology project, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Ministry of Regional Development, chambers of commerce and industry, authors and experts of the journal Ecology of Enterprise, representatives of executive bodies, institutions and organizations, leading scientists and specialists in the field of environmental management, representatives of public associations.

Main tasks of the project-award:

  • to identify and promote the best achievements of participating companies;
  • create additional incentives for enterprises to improve the competitiveness and quality of environmentally friendly goods and services;
  • to promote the exchange of experience in the field of creation of environmental goods and services;
  • to introduce environmentally sound technologies into production, business and everyday life;
  • to contribute to the formation of the philosophy of a healthy eco-lifestyle.

What will get the project participants:

  • a publication of a participant’s case in the journal “Ecology of the enterprise” (the closest issue during the year);
  • publication of information about the participant on the site:, and on the FB-page of the project;
  • publication in the organizer’s weekly newsletter (b2b);
  • promotion of the achievements of the participant in the resources of information partners.

How to join:

  • Apply to the e-mail address:;
  • Briefly describe your achievements in the field of eco;
  • Specify your contacts.