Current State and Prospects of Bioenergy Development in Ukraine – Head of the Board of Bioenergy Association of Ukraine

Traditionally, Georgii Geletukha’s presentation “Current State and Prospects of Bioenergy Development in Ukraine” is a snapshot of the bioenergy sector situation in Ukraine: current state, problems and proposals.

Georgii Geletukha:
• Ukraine imports of energy carriers on 10,7 bill $/ year. In 2017 it was equal to 46% of total import in 2017. A way for Ukraine to be energy independent is bioenergy.
• Bioenergy is a Key Sector of Renewable Energy in Ukraine (in 2010-2017 the growth of bioenergy in Ukraine were 33%/year).
• Forecast for bioenergy in Ukraine – growth in more than 5 times in 2015 – 2035.
•  Ukraine exports 2.38 million tones of solid biofuels per year that is equivalent to0.7 billion m3 of natural gas/year.
•  Ukraine lives at the level of the second generation of district heating. There are already third and fourth generations in the world.
•  Underestimated in bioenergy of Ukraine is agrobiomass; corn; energy crops (their potential is equivalent to 8.9 billion m3 of natural gas per year (for 2 million ha); shelterbelt forests and other protective forest belts; biomethane, biogas and bioethanol; municipal solid waste.

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